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Ocean Photography

Photo: Blaze Parsons

Hi, I'm Larisa!

And my story began in a little country called Ecuador, right in the middle of the world in South America.

Since I was little, I loved the ocean, every single animal and all I wanted to study was how to understand them.

I wanted to be an animal behaviorist. I wanted to live in the jungle, on an island, in Africa or anywhere wild!

Years passed by and I slowly got domesticated in the city, finishing school, studying 3 university degrees and working for multiple corporations. I became the average professional with a decent future in the world of Marketing.


Photo: Adrian Cox

Larisa diving in the great barrier reef Lady Elliot

Photo: Blaze Parsons

Larisa freediving in Australia

Photo: Martin Ayala


Do what you love.

I travelled the world for work and adventure,

met wonderful people, but my heart and soul were underwater 24/7. At 26 I discovered the grace of meditation and soon after I got certified as diver!

Everything changed in my life from that moment. I then fell in love and love brought me to Australia in 2006.

Australia has opened so many doors for me!

I became a mum and a paid photographer while working in Marketing. With the boom of the Digital Era, Social Media transformed the ways of communications, allowing me to share my passion for photography, storytelling, conservation, sustainability and marketing.

It's been a dream come true.

These days I spend my time enjoying family, diving and helping businesses and professionals grow with a big focus on working with people and brands that care about the planet and humanity.

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Gold Coast • Australia

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