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The Whale Watching Season starts soon!

For the past few years and thanks to my friend and talented photographer Lauren Bath I connected with Spirit Of Gold Coast and since then, I’ve been always welcomed on their boat to search for the gentle giants along our ocean stretch.

Every year, starting in May, we are blessed on the East Coast of Australia with the presence of the Humpback whales that come here to specific spots to have their babies in warmer and calmer waters before heading to Antarctica.

I have been lucky by choice to follow their migration for the past 20 years, half in the waters of South America and half here on the Gold Coast and it’s always different, exciting and humbling.

We have had magical days on board of Spirit and they are sincerely one of the few boats I can legitimately recommend because of their experience, core beliefs and love for the whales.

The season starts soon so don’t think twice and contact them!

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