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Fraser Island, an oasis for humpback whales!

I've been saying for many years that I'm due to go and observe the #HumpbackWhales migration in #HerveyBay and finally I was lucky enough to go and discover how magical it is to observe them in such a placid state and almost more curious and excited to see us humans, than we are to see them!!!

I jumped on board of Tasmanventure, the pioneers of whale watching in Hervey Bay, an incredible family business that started 30 years ago thanks to Lloyd and Robyn Burgess!

Their passion to provide unforgettable experiences to their passengers is huge and their staff is simply 5 stars!

I choose to adventure with #Tasmanventure for a couple of days on board of their 12m Catamaran to do their Remote Fraser Island And Whale Experience!

I certainly made the correct choice as we got to enjoy two full days observing whales and exploring the West side of #FraserIsland, which is absolutely pristine and Tasmanventure is the only boat allowed to do tours there which makes it even more exclusive and special!

The Whale Watching industry and Tourism in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast supports 7,000 tourism jobs and generates $1’M every single day, the ABC reports.

Today, there are circa 30,000 whales travelling along the east coast of Australia, and of that number approximately 10,000 visit Hervey Bay, staying between 1 and 5 days before they start traveling south in route to Antarctica.

It is crazy to believe that in 1963 there were only 200 humpback whales in the world due to humans hunting them nearly to extinction, but in 1970 the United States listed them as endangered under the Endangered Species Conservation Act and then under The Endangered Species Act in 1973. In 1982, there was also a moratorium approved in the International Whaling Commission that put a pause to commercial whaling on all whale species from 1985 and it is still in pause YTD. Since then, the Humpback whales populations started recovering at a rate of 8%-11% every year!

There is no many words or enough photos we can share to explain how special it feels to be close to this gentle giants and sometimes doing a little clip to show a glimpse of that feel is a good way to explain.

Fraser Island definitely stole my heart and I can't not believe I found myself in such a quiet, remote and pristine ecosystem being so close from home. I have shared many stories on my Instagram and I hope you get the chance to check out my posts. This is definitively not the last time I'll be going to #FraserIsland with #Tasmanventure!

Thank you so much for having me!!


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