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Heron Island, diversity to the highest.

Just the thought of having the opportunity to submerge myself in the largest living structure on the planet, so big it’s visible from space, makes me feel deeply grateful.

I spent a week in Heron Island to witness green huge green sea turtle laying eggs, which happens at intervals of 2 or more years.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and Heron Island is one of the 980 islands that are part of this incredible living structure, home of 3.000 individual reefs, 300 coral cays, 150 inshore mangrove islands and over 10,000 reef animals.

Heron Island Resort offers a comfortable accommodation, delicious food, snorkel and scuba diving tours with equipment, reef guided tours, kayaking, paddleboarding and many other alternatives to make sure everyone can experience this slice of paradise.

I've been fortunate to visit Heron Island twice; the first time I went on an adventure with my son when he was 8 and we did all the fun stuff families do with their kids in April, which is a perfect month to still enjoy the water without getting too cold and the sun is out pretty much everyday! This time I went in November and caught up with a group of divers from the Gold Coast to explore the island underwater for 5 full days.

Heron Island is the incredible underwater! The diversity that one can find in a little island where some of the best snorkel spots are to be found only a short swim away from the shore, is simply unreal. It is heaven and harmonious to say the least. We were lucky enough to swim with dozens of green sea turtles, dozens of different rays, hundreds of colourful reef fish, a huge variety of sharks and we also were blessed with the incredible colours of nature at sunrise and sunset.

Thank you Heron Island for an unforgettable experience, for being welcoming and for having an amazing crew on the island looking after every single visitor, making sure everyone leaves the GBR wanting to come back!


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