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The Color Run Australia, the happiest 10K run!

SweetOcean teamed up with The Color Run on the Gold Coast to share the experience with the locals; a pretty epic run that I intend to do every year as part of our family tradition!

Since the first time I heard about The Color Run Australia a few years back, I wanted to experience it and this year it happened... and WHAT AN EXPERIENCE IT WAS....! It is certainly the #happiest5k on the planet!

I felt truly honoured to collaborate with the Color Run Australia here on the Gold Coast, sharing the stage with dancers, an enthusiastic crazy crew and everybody behind the scenes working so hard to keeping everyone safe and pumped!

Thousands of people gathered early morning dressed with tutus, colourful long socks, bandanas, happy tattoos, cameras and the best attitude. I'd say, everyone wants to be happy that day. It's a celebration of life, of being alive, of being able to enjoy the colours life give us and share them with others.

The Color Run has raised donations for more than 50 charities within Australia since 2012. and has donated $1.5m+ to charity YTD! I'm proud to have done this awesome collaboration with them!

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