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2020, the lucky year?

2020, 20/20, the magic year we all called it before it even started. Everyone I know had the highest expectations for 2020, but it's May, and everyone in the world is already looking forward for 2021.

Yes, we are going through the toughest #pandemic of the century; many of our parents haven't left the house in 2 months, some of us have lost someone we know and the way we interact, consume and wander has changed and probably will be different moving forward. And I wonder, what are learning from all this?

Do we want to pretend this 202o never happened? Do we want to speed time and start a new year fresh like nothing happened? How light are we travelling today or how heavy is the bag we are carrying at the moment? Are we focusing on ourselves only? Do we have a family we feel responsible of? Are we having a closer look at our surroundings? Are we connecting with other realities and feel empathetic? Does the world matter to us? Do we think that in order to live in a safer world we need to start being more responsible with our choices? Or are we only in a blaming state of mind thinking only the neighbour did wrong?

So many questions and many different answers because we are 7 billion + in this planet and we all have a personal story and a different way of living and experiencing life.

I have personally chosen to live simpler, to be conscious, to live respecting every living being, to be kind but also to be firm, to be honest, to ask questions and push for change.

I have decided to spend more time where I love to be with the people I like the most.

Do I want 2020 to end? I surely don't want it to end, to be erased, to disappear. I want it to be unforgettable, I want it to be the year that transformed many lives for good, that woke up governments to act more sustainably and that adjusted industries and corporations to survive and be profitable with less and not at the expense of the consumer. I want 202o to be the year we all remember as the start of a more conscious humanity.


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