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Yoga is love

Teaming up with My Yoga Retreat doing photos while enjoying a 3 Days Yoga Retreat was a very special experience, because It has come a point in my life, where I only want to work with people that inspires me, with brands that represent well being and with businesses that make profit while being highly responsible within their community and the environment.

The Yoga Retreat was in the Murwillumbah area where Mt. Warning rests powerful and magical.

A group of 16 of us shared a gorgeous, comfortable, warm house secluded in the rainforest surrounded by intense and diverse greens, veggie gardens, buddhist flags, a forest full of kookaburras, elves and fairies and a huge pond, home of cheeky platypuses. Dreamy!

During the 3 days, we enjoyed natural meditation, explored a very special technique from our aboriginal people and embraced the speed and calm of nature while meditating, fully aware of our surrounds, listening to mother nature. What an experience it was... awakening all the senses...

We also enjoyed silent moments, practiced many asanas and pranayamas and ate delicious fresh, healthy vegan food cooked by Jadda our Yogi-Vegan chef. Was I in heaven? :)

This retreat taught me so much and I'm forever grateful for one more lesson. I love learning so much; I guess coming from a family of educators the desire to absorb and discover is in my blood.

It was a very sweet retreat because everyone was beautiful in their own way, everyone had a story under their skin, everyone had a reason to be there and I think that little break helped them all with whatever they were seeking... love, connection, relief, rest, union, grief, happiness, joy, peace, compassion, acceptance...

One of my favourite moments was after an early morning outdoors meditation; we all had different emotions and shared them out loud. One of our teachers took note and put them all together... when she read it, it was like reading a story...those stories from the dreamtime... we were all in awe. Thank you for everything Kara and Merryl....!

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