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The Kingdom of Tonga: stay pristine

In my mind, Tonga was the ultimate destination to experience the wilderness surrounded by blue waters and pods of humpback whales resting peacefully in a pristine sanctuary rather quiet, untouched, non invasive; a place where villagers had the last word when it comes to

Eco-balanced tourism and the financial benefits would stay with them to keep protecting its ocean bliss.

What I saw in Tonga was far from what I expected and the entire experience really send me to a place of stillness and reflection. A place of reconsideration, because Tonga IS a sanctuary and Tongans ARE pure, joyful humans, with a big heart.

I have never seen such electric blue waters and I actually miss Tongans big presence; their smiles, their laughs, their willingness to help and always ready to give you the biggest hug. Have I mentioned they sing amazing? Lots of undiscovered Opera singers there and so many coconut trees around. Also dogs and pigs get along fine.

Oh Tonga... stay wild please!

I will definitely be back one day to experience Tonga how I dreamed it;

I must be possible because we are capable of designing our experiences.

For the whales!

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