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Unreal diversity at Cook Island!

One of my goals this year is to discover and enjoy local ocean spots because even after living here for 13 years, I still haven't seen everything, especially underwater! So to tick one of the top spots on the list, off I went on an adventure with the awesome Tweed Gold Coast Dive Charters crew to explore Cook Island, a healthy slice of paradise surrounded by turtles, sharks, all sorts of fish and it is also a breeding site for terns and shearwaters predominantly! Cook Island is a 80 ha marine reserve protected by the NSW Government and deserves to be treated with huge respect!

You can #dive, #snorkel, #freedive at #CookIsland and both have their magic but if you really want to get mesmerised by sometimes hundreds of green turtles gliding where the waves break and the current is stronger than you think, put your snorkel and fins on and jump in the water be one with the sea!

I've been very fortunate to see in 4 snorkels hundreds of #turtles, dozens of #sharks and #rays, infinite amount of fish and a couple of #mantas, one juvenile and one big mama! Clarity is unreal when the days are magical with 20-30m visibility; it doesn't get any better than that especially if you are there in 10m off the Fingal Boat ramp!

100% recommended!

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